Brotherhood (2010)

“Right, so in order to belong to this fraternity, I have to rob this convenience store?  Ok, I really want to risk getting put in jail and ruining my life just so that I can hang out with a load of massive douchebags – worth it.  Ok, here goes.  Ooops, someone’s got shot.  Oh no, the police are here.  Oh, everyone knows the policeman.  Oh, there’s a car crash.  Oh, there’s another massive coincidence to do with someone else from someone’s past.  Oh, and another one.  Things are spiralling massively out of control.  Actually, this is going so far up shit creek it’s positively unbelievable.  LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE SHOUTING AT ME.  Probably wasn’t worth it to be honest.  Oh, everything is finished and wrapped up in 76 minutes.  PHEW!”

There’s the plot to Brotherhood in a nutsack I mean nutshell.

It’s one of those films where a plan goes wrong at the beginning and this sparks off a chain of events that quickly spirals into an impossible storm of shit and bollocks.  And although this impossible storm of shit and bollocks (original title for Twister) is highly improbable to an almost ludicrous degree, Brotherhood was still fucking good.

Q. What’s the best part of a bee?

A. Its fucking knees.

Brotherhood was the bee’s fucking knees.  For some reason, all the unrealistic coincidences seem to fit and feel just about plausible within the plot of the film.  It’s mostly due to the main group of actors, who excel in what I thought was going to be a low-budget student-type crap fest.  IT WEREN’T THOUGH – it’s really well done.

Trevor Morgan, who plays the main character Adam is really strong in his role, and I expect him to go onto big things in the future.  He’s already been in some well-known films like The Sixth Sense (some film about a ghost dad or some shit) and Jurassic Park III (a film about a theme park full of giant cats or some wack ass bollocks) but after his stellar performance in this one, he deserves to go onto some more great 18-rated roles.

The rest of the cast are also amazing, even if that bloke that keeps shouting does get a bit annoying after a while.  Still, I think I would be shouting a lot if the stuff that happens here happened to me in real life, I mean I start fucking shouting when I’ve saved all the juice at the bottom of a giant ice-pop so that when I’ve finished the main lolly, I can run my fingers up the length and get a sweet ice cold juice hit, but then I accidentally put both hands at the bottom and the whole thing tips over and all the juice that I’ve been saving for ages goes all over the FUCKING GOD DAMN FLOOR.

So yeah, if someone got shot I’d probably shout a bit too.

All in all, Brotherhood was an thoroughly engrossing, tense and fast-paced finger up the bum that exceeded any expectations I had.  In short;


I’ll give it 7 18s out of 10.



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