So I was on Melon Farmers the other day, checking out what was going on in the world of film censorship (which is a very, VERY exciting world to me), when I stumbled, nay completely stacked it and landed from a great height with my legs either side of an iron bar, upon an interesting, nay fucking infuriating piece of information, nay blasphemy.  I was irked somewhat, nay so angry I could fist a blackbird. Somewhat.

It turns out that when The Inbetweeners movie was first submitted to the BBFC it was on its way to an 18 certificate.  SO THEY CUT IT TO A 15.  Here:

“The Inbetweeners Movie was originally seen by the BBFC in an unfinished version. The company was informed that the film was likely to receive an 18 classification but the preferred 15 classification could be achieved by making cuts in four scenes. These were:

  • to remove an aggressive use of very strong language,
  • to remove a particularly crude verbal sex reference (to urolagnia)
  • and to reduce the explicitness of two scenes of sexual activity (one of self-fellatio and one of masturbation).

When the completed version of the film was submitted, the aggressive use of very strong language had been redubbed, the crude verbal sex reference had been removed, and the strong scenes of sexual activity had been reduced, by a mixture of cutting and reframing. The film was therefore classified 15 without further cuts.”

I assume the ‘use of very strong language’ is someone saying ‘cunt’.  ‘Cunt’ is a funny word and should never be censored.

The ‘particularly crude verbal sex reference (to urolagnia)’ is clearly someone talking about weeing on someone, or being weed on.  I rack my brain to think of a ‘reference’ to wee that is so severe a film would have to be rated 18 – I mean what exactly did they say?  Unless the first two bullet points were related?

“I hope that girl does a wee out of her cunt on me.”

Yeah, maybe that’s it.

And the last bullet point; ‘two scenes of sexual activity (one of self-fellatio and one of masturbation)’, well what can I say about that?  Self fellatio and masturbation are two of the greatest inventions of the 18th century – why would anyone in their right mind want to censor these?  Also, when they say ‘explicit’, they don’t actually mean explicit.  I highly doubt that we’d have seen Jay’s knob in close up getting rubbed up and down or Neil’s penis going in and out of his mouth in full HD.


Although as they say, every dildo has a silver lining – all of this hoo-hah clearly points in the direction of an uncut 18-rated DVD release, so I’ll be able to watch the film after all.

Can’t wait for ‘cunt’ bit.

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