I’m going on holiday suckers

I’m going on holiday for a week tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be far too busy gallivanting about with my super-sword to be bothered to write anything on this blog.  I’ll try, but due to my good looks, flawless dress sense and overpowering pheromones I assume that I’ll constantly have a steady queue of perfect 10s ready and waiting to service my thick flobodob.

It’s a 12 hour flight though, so I might be able to fit in some 18s on the way there in between all the suckjobs and fisting that’ll be flying about the place.  Although I have heard that they quite often cut movies on the plane so I might give it a miss – depends on the film.  I’ll probably be too pissed to focus on the screen anyway.

I might get some free time while I’m out there but I can sense that this’ll probably be spent in the gym shattering PBs and getting my fucking swell on like a bitch.  Any other spare hour or two will most likely consist of wooing sorts and thrusting it big-town in the bedroom, so I very much doubt you’ll see any updates until I get back next weekend.

In the meantime, get yourself down the gym – your whips are looking soggy you spindly wetwipe.  And after that, get watching some 18s, for as we all know – 18-related chat-up lines are where it’s at.

Night night.

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