I’m back…


I’m back from my nice holiday now and yes, I had a fucking amazing time thanks for asking.  I was hoping to get some 18s watched on the plane but on the way there and back they had only fucking one in their library. It was An American Werewolf In London which although fantastic, I have seen many times so I skipped it the big’un.

Instead, there was some documentary about the true story behind The Exorcist on so I watched that.  Well, I watched it for about 20 minutes before falling asleep because there wasn’t any puking or head-spinning.

Then I tried to watch another documentary on real ghosts in the London Underground but I also fell asleep because none of these ghost stories were erotic.  Someone seriously needs to get hold of whatever frigid is in charge of programming for British Airways.  All we need are 18s and tits and I reckon everyone would be happy.

I also didn’t manage to watch any films in my hotel as I was far to busy slotting, rooting and ramming to have any time for faffing around with the TV.  As such, I don’t have any reviews on the tips of my fingers just yet – I’ll need to think up some stuff to write, although the Slaughter High DVD is looking me right in the gullet so I think I might watch that.

I would post some photos of my trip but they’re all of my massive dick and I wouldn’t want you chodes getting jealous.


[EDIT] I’ve just been informed that An American Werewolf In London has been reclassified as a 15.  I would kindly ask that you ignore what I have said about this film up until this point, for it turns out, it’s actually for FUCKING TOSSPOTS.

Thanks Smogo.

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  1. Smogo says:

    I’m surprised you like American Werewolf. http://www.bbfc.co.uk/BFF013333/

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