Jackass 3D (2010)

Your enjoyment of Jackass 3D will depend entirely on your enjoyment of Jackass 2, Jackass, and the Jackass TV show.  Obviously.  I doubt anyone that watched Jackass 3D wasn’t aware of the previous Jackasses – although the guy in the cinema who laughed at the ‘Dickhouse’ logo and said “Dickhouse” out loud and laughed again might have been an exception.

Still, you’ll probably be wanting to know whether it’s as good, worse, better, a little bit better, almost as good, a lot better,  a lot worse, fucking better, or fucking worse than the other Jackass films.

Well it’s ‘better’.

It’s the best one so far.  It’s absolutely sodding hilarious – people get punched in the face, covered in shit, attacked by snakes, covered in shit, punched in the face, kicked in the face, covered in shit, shot with paintballs, attacked by bulls, covered in shit and covered in shit.  If you feel you might laugh at any of those events, chances are you’ll enjoy Jackass 3D.

The 3D also makes it a million times better – in some of the scenes, it feels like you’re part of their childish little group, joining in with their games yourself.  In others, it just feels like you’re covered in shit.

Jackass 3D isn’t really a film which lends itself to a review, because it’s just scene after scene of people puking and getting punched in the nuts (a bit like the videos from my 18th birthday party).  I think the best review I could give it would be this:


I give it 8 18s out of 10

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