This could be BRILLIANT

If you read this site on a regular basis, then not only do you deserve a pat on the back and a Twix, but you’ll also know my feelings on 3D films.  Basically, if they’re filmed in 3D, then I bloody well like them – good 3D can make a shit film worth watching, and a good film even better.  So fuck off.

I’ve just heard about Southeast Asia’s first 3D film – it’s called The Hunter 3D, and it’s got decapitation and kicking in it.  What more could you want?

Well tits, obviously, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for some of them.

Here’s the trailer:

 It’s basically about some peeps that go to Borneo to film some plants and shit (Dad, can you get me that new plant DVD for Christmas please? I love plant DVDs!) but end up getting a sword right up their vadges because some scary nutcases crash their shit DVD party or whatever.  This kind of shit is what the 18 certificate was made for – martial arts, plants, swords and 3D – it better not be a 15.

Here’s the poster:



God knows what ‘YOU ARE NOWHERE TO RUN’ means though.  Maybe if it was set in a China shop or something, then it would make sense – it might be the owner’s warning to the patrons or something.  A China shop definitely is nowhere to run – trust me.  Especially not with scissors.

Anyway, please let this be an 18 otherwise I’m going to staple my arse shut or something equally pointless.

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