The Doghouse Blooper Reel (2010)

After my Danny Dyer feature the other week, I went on a bit of a DVD binge and bought loads of Dyer films that I hadn’t seen. One of them was Doghouse. It’s about a bunch of mates who go to some village in the middle of nowhere, only to find that all the women have turned into slathering, axe-wielding maniacs. So they kill them and shit. Sounds wicked no?

Well yeah, it does. It’s also got a nice shiny 18 on the front cover. Sweet – got all my bases covered.


Yep, I fell into the trap of buying a DVD with special features that push the film up to an 18. But I hate wasting money, so before I snap the DVD in two, put it in two microwaves and then catapult both microwaves into the air before shooting them with a shotgun, I thought I might as well watch these special features.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the Blooper Reel is what makes this an 18, because Danny Dyer says ‘cunt’ a lot.  Here’s my review.

I thought the Blooper Reel was very funny because Danny Dyer said ‘cunt’ a lot but without seeing the film, there’s no context to anything so I didn’t really know what was going on.

I give it 3 18s out of 10



I give Doghouse 1 shitting dick out of 1 because it was shitter than a shitting dick.

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