That’s the sound of an erection going up. It’s the opposite of BEEEEEEEEEYYYOOOOOOOO.

You know, as in:

Sexy Lady: Hey, ripped hunk that runs I Only Watch 18s, take a look at my tits.


Sexy Lady: You’re so hot, you’re like an even hotter Channing Tatum from Step-Up.

Me: You’ve seen Step-Up?

Sexy Lady: Yeah.



But as it stands at the moment it’s BOOOOOOOOWWWEEEEEEE!! all the way because I’ve just heard some good news.  You may have heard about a month back that Stallone had mentioned in an interview that The Expendables 2 would be a PG-13? If you are a human being, then you probably threw a trowel in the garden or pulled a door handle off or something when you heard it.

Well, all is not lost because according to Den of Geek, Stallone’s backtracked and now he’s saying it’s definitely going to be R-rated. This can only be a good thing because it means there’s more chance of it being an 18. Sure, the first one was R-rated but was a 15 over here, but they did release an uncut 18 version on DVD so I needn’t have spray painted that cow blue in the first place.

So here’s me crossing my fingers that The Expendables 2 will be an 18, because if it is it will be the best film ever made. The minute they announce it’s an 18 I’d put a helmet on or find cover because my bollocks are going to explode with the ferocity of a fucking supernova.

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