Frightfest is soon and I’ve already dropped my gusset, BIG TIME.

As you may know, I love Frightfest. I have talked about it many times on this website before – just search for Frightfest on the right and you’ll find a wealth of hilarious and/or arousing material to get you through this evening.


Thank you. Well, it’s coming up in a few months once more and I’m so excited that I got in trouble at the farm just now for fisting one of those goat things. Sheeps I think they’re called.



I’ve been excited about this for a while, and have been fisting animals for about 6 weeks now, but today’s farm excursion was in response to the announcement of the opening and closing films. The opening film is The Seasoning House, which isn’t actually about an abode with a particularly well-stocked herb-rack, but actually about a girl forced to work in a brothel, who decides to exact revenge against her captors.

It’s directed by Paul Hyett, who is normally an FX guy, so I’ve got relatively average-height hopes for this. Quite often directors who used to do horror special effects make pretty gory films. So penal region is just below half-mast I guess.

The closing film is Tower Block, which is about a bunch of people in a =””TOWER BLOCK””= being shot at by a mysterious sniper. Not really so into this to be honest – it’s a bit ‘been there, fisted that’ isn’t it? Sounds like Phone Booth or Two Minute Warning, neither of which I’ve seen (busy shagging on zip-lines), but both of which exist. However, I could be swayed if this is an 18, in which case hand me that vibrator, it’s about to get steamy.

Also as an extra little teaser, they announced that they’ll be showing REC3, which is most definitely a good thing because REC was amazing. I haven’t seen REC2 yet but I’ll be sure to rinse it before Frightfest.

So regardless of whether it’s shaping up to be an amazing year or not (can’t tell until they release the full line-up), I’m still extremely excited. So excited in fact, I think that crow that’s been looking at me from outside is in for a deep hiding.

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