Frightfest All-Nighter Preview

Right, I’ll warn you now, this post is extremely childish. But then I guess you wouldn’t like this website if you weren’t slightly childish. So fuck it.

Anyway, it’s the Frightfest all-nighter this weekend, and I am fucking going. I’m sure it’ll be the usual mix of funilingus, rooting, drinking, shitting, pissing and slipping a neat connie over my swonk-on and poshing it till hometime. Oh and obviously I’ll be watching some films too. There will be six films this year, and with the help of some highly intellectual drawings done by yours truly, I shall run through what I think of each one before I’ve even seen it. Let’s go:



Rather bloody excited I’ll tell you that for free





The Tall Man


I fucking HATED Martyrs


Bait 3D

If it’s an 18:



If it’s not:


This picture is self-explanatory


Zombie Flesh Eaters Retrospective


I’ve already seen it but I like it so whatever innit


The Helpers


There is no basis for this but I think it’ll be SHIT

So that’s what I think about THAT.

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