Classic 18: Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Not to be confused with Big Trouble in Little China (15 – bleeurrgghh splat splat splat, uuuuuhhhhh, BLEEAAUURRGhh splat splat splot heeeeeuuuur, hooooooo, huuuuurrrr RRRRRRBLEEEUUAARRGHH BLUUUEEAARRGHH SPLAT SPLITTER SPLOTT SPLOT SPLOT), Showdown in Little Tokyo is an ’80s action movie (even though it was made in 1991) like no other.

Well, actually, it’s like loads of others, but it’s one of the best of the bunch.  It’s got Dolph Lundgren (from 18s like The Killing Machine (seen), Universal Soldier: Regeneration (seen), Universal Soldier (seen), and Dark Angel (seen)), Brandon Lee (Bruce’s son – from 18s like The Crow (seen) and Rapid Fire (seen)) and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (from 18s like The Art of War (seen), Vampires (seen), and Nemesis (seen)) and directed by Mark L. Lester (who also directed 18s like Class of 1999 (seen) and Commando (seen)).  Four reasons why it’s worth watching, clearly.

Obviously, it’s worth it mainly for Dolph and Brandon (we’re on first name terms, gutted), who play two cops who get involved in a type of altercation that could only be described by, well, I guess I’ll make up a term to help relate the exact type of personality and geographical collision that occurs.  I’ve managed to come up with ‘culture-clash’ – you wait, that’ll catch on.  In fact, I think I’ve already seen it on the back of a dvd before, and I hadn’t even come up with it then!  That’s how ahead of the times I am.

Anyway, this ‘culture-clash’ leads to hilarious disagreements about the way that these two cards handle their business.  However, one thing they do agree on is that they both like fighting people.  Lucky for me, because I like it when people fight eachother in films.  It happens lots in this movie, more than in say, Avatar (12 – I’m guessing of course – I don’t watch films for babies).

Brandon and Dolph are both good at fighting in real life too, so you’re not getting some bullshit actor fake fighting, like in The Matrix (or so I’ve heard) – you’re getting real-life martial arts mayhem (POSTER QUOTE).*  Basically, B & D have a bit of a problem with CHT (not an STI, FYI), and so they fight him and his mates.  Someone even gets pinned to a catherine wheel with a samurai sword – AND THEN THEY TURN IT ON.

Ruined the kids’ school fireworks though.

Anyway, it’s really good, but it’s not all fighting.  There’s a bit where some people eat food off a naked woman and there’s a naked sumo wrestler in a sauna (POSTER QUOTE).**

I mean this is really good stuff.

I’ll give Showdown in Little Tokyo 8 18s out of 10.



*Bit late now mate.

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