You’re invited to the very first I Only Watch 18s Movie Night!


You know Thursdays yeah? Bit shit normally aren’t they? Not as good as Fridays and definitely not as good as Saturdays. WELL NOT FOR LONG BECAUSE THEY’LL BE THE BEST DAY OF THE FUCKING WEEK IN A MINUTE. Well, a number of minutes anyway – quite a lot in fact, you know, about three weeks worth of minutes. The reason for this is because I’m holding my first movie night ON A THURSDAY in March. The 20th March to be precise.

It’s going to be held at The Exhibit Cinema/Bar/Restaurant in Balham, which is the tits, in case you were wondering. Like watching films on a big screen FROM BIG LEATHER SOFAS? The Exhibit is the place for you then. Not only that, but the legends at Brewdog are sponsoring the event, so you can have a load of beer to drink whilst watching a sweet 18! This sounds good right? THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS.

But there’s more! You’ll also get a nice keepsake to take home with you – one of my very special extra-exclusive movie posters, complete with my review on the back (if you like reading).

So get your arse down to The Exhibit on 20th March to watch THE RAID – one of the best action films you’re ever likely to see, and drink some Brewdog, chat up some hotties and maybe get lucky after the show. The Exhibit are also putting on a sweet discounted dinner and a movie deal so you can grab some munch in their awesome American diner before watching the film.

A dinner and movie ticket will cost £15.90 (bargain – the food is amazing) and a standard ticket will be £7. The film starts at 8, so if you want some nyam, get down earlier, obviously. This is going to be fucking great. You might even get an extra-special pre-movie message from yours truly.

Anyway, gtg cos I’m so excited that I feel a harsh bout of diarrhoea brewing. SEE YOU IN MARCH!

To buy tickets, call the Exhibit cinema on 0208 772 6556.

Awesome poster courtesy of Mike McCabe:

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