I Only Watch 18s Mithers The BBFC: Part III

So in my ongoing quest to become best friends with the BBFC, I’ve gone and sent them another email. They’re really good at answering emails, which is more to be said than my ex-girlfriend, who hasn’t answered any of the 40 emails I sent her yesterday. Frigid.

Anyway, I had a burning question in my loins, and I needed it answered before it set fire to my pubes, heated all the cum in my bollocks and sent a molten hot plume of deadly jizz through the letterbox. So here’s my email (click to enlarge):


It’s an important query, I think you’ll agree. Well, the lovely Debbie at the BBFC replied, and thus extinguished the inferno at the base of my penis. Here’s her answer:

Dear I Only Watch 18s,

Many thanks for your email. 

When companies submit their work for an age rating, they have an opportunity at the start of the process to make a category request when they fill in their submission form. We ask for a category preference so that we have the opportunity to prepare an explanation for the distributor if they do not get the age rating they were hoping for, and advise them on how they might achieve their desired rating.

Our classification decisions are made in line with our published Guidelines, regardless of a distributor’s category request. Over 10,000 people contributed to the creation of the most recent set of Guidelines, which came into effect on 24 February 2014. The Classification Guidelines are available on our website here http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/guidelines

Companies may make a reconsideration request if the age rating awarded by the BBFC isn’t what they had been expecting. On receipt of a written request for reconsideration, the BBFC ensures that the work, or the relevant parts of the work, are viewed by a Senior Examiner, the Assistant Director, Policy and Public Affairs, and the Director. There have been cases where companies have made a reconsideration request because a distributor wanted a higher age rating than what was awarded by the BBFC. Unfortunately I am unable to go in to any further detail on individual cases for confidentiality reasons. 

I hope this helps.

Your sincerely,


BBFC Feedback Team 

Innit. It’s a tad annoying they didn’t give me any examples because that means that I could have watched a 15 without knowing, and if I’ve done that then it’s cause for deliberately setting fire to my pubes. So if anyone knows of any examples, send me a tweet and I’ll update this article.

Hahaha, ‘article’.

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2 Responses to I Only Watch 18s Mithers The BBFC: Part III

  1. There were rumours that when Anchor Bay submitted former nasty CONTAMINATION uncut for classification they were disappointed to receive a ’15’, and appealed the decision to try and get an ’18’, delaying the release.

    I have no idea if this is true or not, but it’s plausible for a company which at the time was releasing a whole bunch of former nasties would prefer them to have large, marketable ’18’ certs rather than ’15’.

  2. ionlywatch18s says:

    Think that’s happened to a few nasties. Also, there’s always upping a DVD’s certificate due to special features: http://www.ionlywatch18s.com/?p=250

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