Enter the Void (2010)

So obviously I saw this ages ago because my finger’s so on the pulse that I’ve completely stopped blood flow and if I’m not careful then my arm’s going to fall off.  However, I just noticed an article on www.melonfarmers.co.uk (one of my favourite websites – it basically lets you know what the BBFC are up to) that mentions that Enter the Void has been passed 18 uncut.  This is of course a good thing.

Uncut is good.

18 is also good.

So everything’s in order – onto the review.

Enter the Void is about a drug-dealer who takes loads of drugs (mixing business with pleasure – bad move) and then gets shot and dies (see?).  Then for the rest of the film, his soul/ghost floats about the city watching his sister have sex and things (he’s a bit strange).  It’s what some people (not me) might call a ‘mind-fuck’ – I’d be more inclined to call it a ‘brain-rut’.  Or a ‘imagine if your head was a vagina and the movie was a penis and the movie was going in and out of your head until white stuff came out of the movie’.

Basically, it’s really weird.  For the first half an hour, it’s all filmed first-person like a video game – only there aren’t any guns or monsters – a serious missed opportunity there.  So you never see the main character’s face unless he’s looking in a mirror or in the reflection of his giant metallic cock.  Then, near the beginning, he takes some drugs and for about 12 minutes the screen turns into one of those kaleidoscope things and it’s just weird shapes and colours for ages.  It’s novel for a while, but it does get boring.

This is what I see every time I strain for a shit.

Then he gets shot.  I knew this happened before I saw the film, and was hoping for some sort of Tony Scott-style action sequence with exploding planes and car-chases, but unfortunately he just gets shot in the toilet.  Then his soul leaves his body and floats about a bit, before deciding to go on a flight around the city.  It’s all very surreal but it’s also strangely enticing, and apart from the kaleidoscope bit, it doesn’t ever get boring.

Mainly because there are loads of tits in it.

Paz de la Huerta, who always seems to be naked in her films, is naked in this one too, along with a load of other people.  There’s a whole sequence where our man flies through a Tokyo ‘sex-hotel’ looking at all the people having sex (I also enjoy doing this), some of which are actually doing the naughty for real.  This is why I thought it might not be passed uncut – you know, because there are actual willies going into actual quims.

Then some other shit happens and the funny looking man at the front of the cinema (or in your living room*) grunts and chuckles to himself.  In a nutshell – it’s absolutely mental.  I can safely say that loads of people won’t like it because it’s quite hard to get yourself in the right frame of mind, but if you’re borderline insane anyway (phew!) then you’ll find much to enjoy.  That is, apart from the bits where they purposely make you shit yourself with completely out-of-the-blue car-crashes and really loud bangs.  That got really annoying after a while – had to throw out the nice new trousers I’d just bought.  Left them in the screening room’s urinal though so joke’s on them.

Also, best opening credits I’ve seen in my life.

Oh and I was lying about his giant metallic cock.

I’ll go ahead and give it a brain-rutting 7 18s out of 10.

*Or in the mirror.
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