I Only Watch 18s Book Club: If Chins Could Kill

Unfortunately, not actually about a killer chin, or even about someone with a killer chin.  Also, the title makes out that chins can’t actually kill, when they clearly can, see below:

Pretty sure his chin could kill.

Anyway, erroneous title aside – If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor is actually a very good book.  It’s Bruce Campbell’s (of various quality 18s like The Evil Dead (18, seen), Evil Dead II (18, seen), Maniac Cop (18, seen), Intruder (18, seen), Darkman (18, seen), Mindwarp (18, seen) and From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (18, seen)) biography and it’s quite funny.

He’s not the best author, but once you get used to his writing style it’s the interesting stories he has to tell that take over.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the making of The Evil Dead but were too scared a massive book made out of skin with a face on it was going to open up the gates of Hell and turn all your friends into flesh-eating zombies, you’ll find out.  What’s also great is that he talks about lesser known movies (in the grand scheme of things anyway) like Maniac Cop – you’ll be hard pressed to find many books talking about films like that.  Apart from my forthcoming book, The Bumper Book of Lesser Known Movies (in the Grand Scheme of Things Anyway). And its sequel – If Dicks Could Kill – Confessions of an Alpha-Male With A Gigantic Schlong.

He talks about his friends like Sam and Ted Raimi, his family – his brothers get a good chunk of the stories – and all manner of showbiz anecdotes and tales.  But they’re not your usual A-List rim-licking stories, because Bruce has never hit the big-time – he tells it all from the perspective of someone who’s lived the Hollywood life from a few rungs lower.  This is why it’s good.


I’ll give If Chins Could Kill a solid 7 18s out of 10.

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