Crying With Laughter (2009)

Crying With Laughter is about a stand-up “comedian” (I’m doing the bunny ears thing as we speak, whilst waving my head back and forth with my lips pursed going ‘oooooooh’).


Anyway, this stand-up comedian gets in some right shit when he meets a bloke who used to go to his school, who seems “normal” (doing it again) but is actually a bit of a nutcase.

Basically, he draws the stand-up “comedian” (see above) into a massive web of lies and torture and black eyes and rape and dancing and kidnapping and swearing and shit.  The whole film is essentially a story being told by this stand-up during his act, and we keep flashing back to what’s going on in his tale.

It begins with this comedian – Joey Frisk – getting kicked out of his apartment for taking the piss out of his landlord during a set, before slowly becoming more and more distraught as he gets pissed and finally assaults someone in a nightclub.  He eventually ends up living with this old school friend who he met in a swimming pool – the aforementioned nutcase – and gets into a right old bag of bollocks with a cherry on top.

It’s not a bad film to be honest – it takes a while to get going, but once the kidnapping starts, things get all up ina yo face blud.  We’re talking punching, swearing, cattle-prodding, black-eye-having, more punching, crying, more swearing, even more punching, running, getting tied up and some more punching.  Basically, they kidnap someone (not going to tell you who though, unlucky) and they tie him up and stick him with a cattle prod.  Then the swimming pool nutcase puts some music on and starts dancing in front of him – because, you know, it’s subversive and cool to juxtapose horrific scenes of torture with Michael Madsen dancing in front of – wait, I’m getting confused here, but you get my drift.

Oops, wrong drift, you just caught a pretty rough grunt I done out my bum innit.

So yeah, brown stuff hits a rapidly rotating air-conditioning device and for that reason, it’s quite good.  It’s from the U.K – which obviously makes it awesome – specifically Scotland, so viewers overseas might have a hard time working out what the fuck everyone is saying.  But then I watched Violent Shit without any subtitles, so I feel your pain.

If there’s anything wrong with the film, it’s that the comedian isn’t at all funny – especially when they could have used me.  I’m a laugh a fucking minute I tell you – I could have done my dinosaur act where I stomp across the stage naked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex and spit at people in the front row.  It always goes down a storm.  Sometimes I even put eggs up my bum so that I can lay them whilst chomping my teeth and shouting before cracking them open and eating them.  I’m pretty sure this is what Tyrannosaurus Rexs used to do in the olden days.

Anyway, I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys ‘gritty dramas’ (basically films without anything cool in like Face-Huggers or Shoulder Cannons) because it is most certainly, a ‘gritty drama’.

He also swears a great deal.  GOOD THING IN MY BOOK.

It gets 7 18s out of 10.

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