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18 related anecdote no. 28

I’ve finally finshed watching The Walking Dead. I very much liked it.  If it’s not an 18 when it comes out on DVD I’m setting fire to my nearest HMV.

However, as much as I enjoyed it, one thing constantly pissed me off throughout the whole series.  Consider this:

Rick Grimes: “Oh man, good job we got away alive.  Those walkers don’t give up”

Shane Walsh: “Yeah dude, I plugged a few of those geeks good an’ proper!”

You see, it’s legit.  Authentic.  It wants to be taken seriously.  Fair enough.  But if it’s realism it’s aiming for, then why ‘geeks’ and ‘walkers’?


If you saw the undead chasing you and trying to eat you, you would call them ZOMBIES.  THEY ARE ZOMBIES.

Someone somewhere along the line clearly thought that ‘zombies’ would’ve made it all sound a bit silly, but the truth is, that’s the word that anyone and everyone would use in that situation.

Just needed to get that off my chest (along with this broad OI OI OI).

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Happy Christmas from I Only Watch 18s!

I hope you have a happy Christmas and fill it with as many 18s as is humanly possible.  I know I will.


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18 related anecdote no. 25

Last weekend I ran about in the snow with my boxers pulled up into a thong for an extended period – such is the life of a relentless attention seeker.  However, I am now paying for that because I am ill.

But all is not lost.

Being ill can be a good thing, because it means I have an excuse to stay indoors and watch lots of 18s.  This has been something of a tradition – every time I am ill, an 18 will make me feel better.  Luckily, I have just received The Tournament and Inside – who needs medicine when you’ve got 18s eh?

The only downside is that I’m more prone to nightmares when I’m ill.  Although it probably doesn’t help that I watch the movies immediately before bed with Clockwork Orange style clamps holding my eyes open, before eating a whole block of cheese and then putting on repeat a CD of Vincent Price relentlessly repeating “Alligators are going to eat you” at full volume.

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