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Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star (2011)

I’ve only seen one Adam Sandler film because I normally walk straight past Toys ‘R’ Us on my way to the strip-club. It was Bulletproof, and I liked it.  This Nick Swardson character however, I haven’t seen in anything, but I remember hearing that Gay Robot skit back at Uni because someone had it on their computer. I also liked that. So when I found out that Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star was an 18, I helicoptered my dick out the window and threw Kraft cheese slices at cats in the garden.

Also, Christina Ricci is in it, who is an extremely attractive female.  She also has a beautifully large forehead, which is handy because it gives you something to kiss while she’s giving you a blow job.

Anyway, Bucky Larson is about this bloke called Bucky (Swardson) who is, in a word, a massive geek (that was three words, prick).  One day, he goes round his friend’s house and him and all his mates sit around in the basement watching porn and wanking (bit weird, but each to their own I suppose), when all of a sudden, everyone realises that the two people ramming it big-town on the video, are actually Bucky’s parents… (more…)

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