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Travellers (2010)

This one’s one of those stupid city folk go around messing about with locals and getting FUBAR movies.  You know, Wrong Turn (18, seen), Deliverance (18, seen), Southern Comfort (18, need) etc – that kind of shit.  Although none of them are shit.  When I say shit, I mean stuff.  Apart from when I say “I’m going for a shit” – then I actually mean shit.  Or “Dammit, I stepped in some dog shit” – that’s actual shit again.  But “Just been looking at shit on the internet” would mean stuff, unless of course I’d actually been looking at real shit on the internet.  But I’ve never done that obviously, hahahahaha, haa.

So anyway, back to Travellers.  It’s about four blokes who go off on a motorcycle holiday and decide it would be ‘banter’ if they wrote ‘PIKEY SCUM’ on a caravan.  Turns out some Irish nutcases live in that caravan and they’re not exactly happy about the new paint job.  So obviously they go a bit mental and start trying to kill the city boys. (more…)

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