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Yet another sports-themed horror movie…

The other day I reviewed Deadball, the Japanese horror flick about an insane game of baseball, and as you’ll recall, it was a pretty hilarious review. If I could email you guys incontinence pads I would, but technology isn’t that advanced yet so I guess you’ll have to deal with wetting your pants every time you visit this site.

Anyway, they’ve only gone and made another fucking horror movie about baseball; this one’s called Billy Club:

It looks pretty shit unfortunately, apart from the bit at 1.24 where the bloke jumps on the quad bike and it sounds like he does a really loud fart just as he lands. But I guess that only happens once in the film.

So yeah, there seems to be some sort of trend in sports-themed horror films emerging, or at least there is in my life at the moment – I only just bought I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer too. As a result, I figured that was an easy segue into putting some of my fantastic ideas for sports-themed horror movies on the site. Add yours in the comments and the best one won’t win a prize. (more…)

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