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Happy Christmas from I Only Watch 18s!

I hope you have a happy Christmas and fill it with as many 18s as is humanly possible.  I know I will.


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18 related anecdote no. 27

The other day a friend of mine raised the following issue – what happens if I get a DVD for Christmas and it’s a 15 but it’s got the Irish 18 certificate next to it – you know, this one:

Well, my advice is you immedietely snap the DVD in two, punch whoever gave it to you and burn the Christmas tree down.  This IS NOT an 18.  It’s ok if there’s the superior red BBFC 18 stamp next to it, but only in this case.

Although this is what I would call a ‘good’ 15, there are still no excuses for watching it.

However, what about if the opposite happens?  What happens if you’ve got a DVD which is a BBFC 18 but an Irish 15.  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!  You’re ok, you can still watch it.  Although because this is a ‘bad’ 18, it should be kept away from sunlight and never be fed treats like Pepperami or Haribo.  You should also Tipp-Ex the offending Irish 15 out too.  Or replace it with a sticker of a potato if you are a fucking dirket installer.

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