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Crying With Laughter (2009)

Crying With Laughter is about a stand-up “comedian” (I’m doing the bunny ears thing as we speak, whilst waving my head back and forth with my lips pursed going ‘oooooooh’).


Anyway, this stand-up comedian gets in some right shit when he meets a bloke who used to go to his school, who seems “normal” (doing it again) but is actually a bit of a nutcase.

Basically, he draws the stand-up “comedian” (see above) into a massive web of lies and torture and black eyes and rape and dancing and kidnapping and swearing and shit.  The whole film is essentially a story being told by this stand-up during his act, and we keep flashing back to what’s going on in his tale.

It begins with this comedian – Joey Frisk – getting kicked out of his apartment for taking the piss out of his landlord during a set, before slowly becoming more and more distraught as he gets pissed and finally assaults someone in a nightclub.  He eventually ends up living with this old school friend who he met in a swimming pool – the aforementioned nutcase – and gets into a right old bag of bollocks with a cherry on top. (more…)

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