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R.I.P Drive (1998): The End Of An Era


So as you all know, my favourite film of all time is Drive. No, not that one, the other one. The one from 1998 starring Mark Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison. If you want to know why, then read my original review here. I have also talked about it here (and if you fancy reading about what I think of the Gosling Drive, why not click here?). So yeah, I fucking like Drive (1998).


Wanna know why?


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Drive (2011)

I have already reviewed the 1997 Drive on this website, and although the 2011 Drive vibrated my arse-cheeks faster than my dick in a blender, the 1997 Drive still remains my favourite film ever.  That is not, I REPEAT, NOT, to say that the 2011 Drive should be dismissed in any capacity.  Think of it as 1997 Drive’s less attractive sister that you would nonetheless still penetrate.  Don’t even get me started on a threesome.

So as you can tell, I fucking loved Drive.  I suppose I better tell you why.

Drive is about this bloke who drives cars and does stunts and shit for the movies.  He’s already pretty cool.  However, at night he moonlights as a getaway driver.  He’s now much cooler than you and all your shit mates put together. Then he gets involved with a right fitty who lives next door.  He’s now so cool he can put ice cubes up his bum and they don’t even melt.  Then it turns out he’s extremely proficient in the art of fucking kicking people’s heads in in elevators.  He’s so cool now that if you touch him you’ll freeze and your balls will retract so quickly you’ll sick up two little frozen purple peas and your willy will shrink so quickly a bird will start attacking your bell-end because it thinks it’s a tiny snail.

Basically, he’s FUCKING COOL. (more…)

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Drive vs Drive

So there’s a new 18 coming out called Drive – it’s got Ryan Gosling in and it’s directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (of 18s like Bronson (need) and Valhalla Rising (seen)).  It looks fucking amazing:

Doesn’t it?


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People I Like no. 3: Mark Dacascos

The person that I like today (well, all the time) is one of the most underrated actors of our time – Mark Dacascos.  Unfortunately, he’s probably most famous for being on Dancing With The Stars in America, but before all that rubbish he was in some absolutely amazing films, including my favourite of all time – Drive.

Now, let me take you on a journey through this fantastic actor’s catalogue of amazing 18s:

American Samurai – For some strange reason I haven’t yet seen this.  Which is weird seeing as it’s got bloody Mark Dacascos in it, but it’s also directed by Sam Firstenberg (18s like Ninja III: The Domination (seen) and American Ninja (seen)) and it stars David Bradley (18s like American Ninja 3: The Blood Hunt (seen the first half but couldn’t bring myself to finish it).  ALSO IT’S CALLED AMERICAN SAMURAI WHICH IS A VERY GOOD TITLE IN MY OPINION. (more…)

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18 related anecdote no. 26

The Ideal Way To Consume An 18 Rated DVD: Action

Action films make great 18s – Commando, Die Hard, Drive, Tango and Cash, Out for Justice, the list goes on.  So it’s essential that they are viewed with the appropriate amount of respect.

Firstly, no girls allowed.  This is a men only arena.  Unless of course you are a girl that likes action movies.  In which case – girls allowed.  (more…)

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Classic 18: Drive (1997)

Drive is my favourite film.  I’ve got it on director’s cut dvd, director’s cut vhs, and recorded off channel 5 (it’s got a different soundtrack).  It’s amazing.  If you consider me a friend (or just like what I’m about) then you need to see this film, because if you haven’t seen it, then I’m lying whenever I’m nice to you.

It’s so good in every possible way.  Here’s ‘what goes down all up in this bitch’ (the synopsis):

There is a man who beats people up really easily.  This is because he has a gadget in his heart that makes him really fast and strong.  However, he doesn’t want it anymore (idiot), and has been promised loads of cash if he sells it to these blokes with beards.  So off he goes to give it to them.



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