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Enter the Void (2010)

So obviously I saw this ages ago because my finger’s so on the pulse that I’ve completely stopped blood flow and if I’m not careful then my arm’s going to fall off.  However, I just noticed an article on www.melonfarmers.co.uk (one of my favourite websites – it basically lets you know what the BBFC are up to) that mentions that Enter the Void has been passed 18 uncut.  This is of course a good thing.

Uncut is good.

18 is also good.

So everything’s in order – onto the review.

Enter the Void is about a drug-dealer who takes loads of drugs (mixing business with pleasure – bad move) and then gets shot and dies (see?).  Then for the rest of the film, his soul/ghost floats about the city watching his sister have sex and things (he’s a bit strange).  It’s what some people (not me) might call a ‘mind-fuck’ – I’d be more inclined to call it a ‘brain-rut’.  Or a ‘imagine if your head was a vagina and the movie was a penis and the movie was going in and out of your head until white stuff came out of the movie’. (more…)

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