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The Human Centipede Live – YEAH YOU HEARD

As I have mentioned before on this site, I didn’t half enjoy The Human Centipede, and to some extent The Human Centipede II – I also like going into the supermarket with my friends disguised as a human centipede and buying posh things like Ferrero Rocher.  So obviously, when I found out that some nutcases had decided that it would be a good idea to create a live Human Centipede attraction I immediately hurled a wad of my own dung at the postman whilst hissing expletives at my penis.

Rather than continue my excrement-based projectile tomfoolery I decided to go and visit it. I went to the press launch at the London Bridge Experience because I’m far more important than you with your lubed up thumb and sore arse, and I had some free champagne and scored a few choice broads’ digits.  After some amiable chit-chat the time came for me to enter the deep, dark tunnel.


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