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So they’re remaking Maniac for some reason

I haven’t seen the original Maniac but I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE REMAKING IT WHAT A TRAVESTY IT’S SACRILEDGE etc etc etc. Not really, I’m relatively indifferent about the whole thing, I’m pretty used to it by now. However, I do still find it hard to work out the exact reason why they’re doing it.

Maniac hardly has any real name recognition outside of the horror community, and even then, it’s not even as widely known as something like say, The Last House On The Left. Also, it seems they’re going down pretty much the same route as the original – it looks pretty fucking harsh to be honest. Harsher even than the sodding farts I was doing at work today.

So I don’t know, but whatever, they’re making it and I’m going to see it (gotta try and see the original first though). I never learn. Unless it’s learning how to properly disguise an erection when talking to the hot girl that works in HMV – I’m not going to make the same silk-short mistake again. Trust me blud.

Anyway, here’s the trailer (it’s got cocking sweet titties in it so don’t watch it at work, unless you work at Vivid or something – they’ll probably let it slide):

It’s interesting to see Elijah Wood doing the psycho thing again after Sin City. If he carries on down this path he’ll be in the running for an invite to my Starship Troopers-themed sleepover next week.

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