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18 related anecdote no. 40

So I was walking up to the train station this morning when I saw a ginger girl who looked quite attractive.  The fact that she was ginger and attractive is a massive plus because I like ginger girls who are also attractive.  Then, oh no!  She tripped!  I heard a clatter and I assumed that she’d dropped some books, but as I walked closer I realised they were DVDs.

This was a good start.

However, she’d be going right back on the floor if they were shit ones.  I quickened my pace in order to have a look, and I felt my temples pulse, my trousers strain, and my buttocks clench – I knew what was about to happen.


I peered on the floor and saw that bright red beacon of hope and instantly the girl became one hundred times more attractive.  The DVD was Mirrors 2, which I haven’t seen and is supposed to be shit but I couldn’t have given six shafting cum-stains – all that mattered was that it was an 18.  The fact it was a horror only made her more eligible.

Then, as I walked past, not bothering to help because I’m fucking cool and hard and I didn’t want to break my swagger, I saw some of the other DVDs.  One was green.

I knew instantly which one it was.


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