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Frightfest Preview (Day 1)

I’m quite excited about Frightfest (in case you hadn’t noticed), so I thought I’d run through the films on each day as a little taster of things in store.  Firstly, I’ll take a look at the Thursday:
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


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People I Like no. 2: Brian Yuzna

Today’s person that I like is Brian Yuzna.  Who?  BRIAN YUZNA.  Who’s Brian Yuzna when he’s at home then?  Well, he’s a director who’s made a load of sweet 18s, that’s who.  I’ve liked every Brian Yuzna film that I’ve seen – and if that’s not a cast-in-gold grade-A recommendation then buggered if I know what is.

Here’s my rundown of his most important 18s:

Society – You should already know how good this film is.  If not, check here.

Bride of Re-AnimatorThis is the amazing sequel to the even-amazinger original Re-Animator (18, seen). So even though the first one is better, this one is still a piece of nice meat.  It’s about a mad scientist called Herbert West who decides that instead of watching X-Factor he’d rather try and make the perfect woman out of dead body parts.  Obviously she comes alive and things go wrong.  Which is weird, because when I made a woman out of dead body parts, she was pretty normal – bit awkward at dinner parties, but a nice enough girl. (more…)

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