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Dear Santa, I’d like this to be an 18 please

I was reading the Empire website today, and they’ve got some nifty new Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance posters to show off, so I thought I’d nick them and put them on my site:

I think they’re pretty darn sweet and I think this film looks extremely saggy – in a good way.  I haven’t seen the first Ghost Rider because while it was in cinemas I was too busy paying my council tax and having sex with yat and punching that arcade punch machine down the bowling alley, so I wasn’t at all interested in watching it. (more…)

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Drive Angry 3D (2011)

At the end of the screening for Drive Angry 3D I spent quite a while looking for the ‘like’ button on my seat so that I could press it.  This is because I ‘liked’ Drive Angry 3D a great deal – I even said out loud “Where’s the ‘like’ button for that?  Because I want to press it.”  No-one laughed but then they did when the lights came on because they saw my ceps peeking out from underneath my T-Shirt and they didn’t want to antagonise me.  Don’t blame them to be honest.

Anyway, if you hadn’t gathered from the shit introduction above – I thought Drive Angry 3D was really good.

The film is about Nicolas Cage and he’s been in Hell or some shit and there’s some ‘accountant’ and he’s killing people but also looking for Cage but Cage is looking for his granddaughter who’s been kidnapped by some cult leader knobhead who’s also killing people and also Amber Heard is a lesbian is along for the ride and then there are some explosions and guts.  I think from this description you can decide if you will like it or not (HINT: You will). (more…)

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