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The Tournament (2009)

Got this one for Christmas.


The Tournament is about a competition that happens every seven years in a random town (in this case, Middlesbrough – England’s most happening town) where the world’s best assassins meet and have to kill each other.  The last one standing gets loads of money.  The others get dead.  So far, so Holy fuck this film sounds amazing – but there’s more.  Robert Carlyle plays an alcoholic priest (the best kind) who accidentally swallows one of the assassins’ GPS trackers and so everyone thinks he’s part of the game.  Basically, his day just got pretty rubbish.

Sounds good right?

RIGHT.  But there’s more.

It gets even better – listen to the cast: Ving Rhames (18s like Con Air (seen), Dawn of the Dead (seen), Day of the Dead (seen), Piranha 3D (seen)), Robert Carlyle (18s like Ravenous (seen), The 51st State (seen), 28 Weeks Later (seen)), Kelly Hu (18s like Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (seen)), Liam Cunningham (18s like Blood: The Last Vampire (seen)), Sebastien Foucan (no previous 18s but the guy who pretty much invented free running), AND SCOTT ADKINS (read why I like him here).

Mint isn’t it? (more…)

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18 related anecdote no. 25

Last weekend I ran about in the snow with my boxers pulled up into a thong for an extended period – such is the life of a relentless attention seeker.  However, I am now paying for that because I am ill.

But all is not lost.

Being ill can be a good thing, because it means I have an excuse to stay indoors and watch lots of 18s.  This has been something of a tradition – every time I am ill, an 18 will make me feel better.  Luckily, I have just received The Tournament and Inside – who needs medicine when you’ve got 18s eh?

The only downside is that I’m more prone to nightmares when I’m ill.  Although it probably doesn’t help that I watch the movies immediately before bed with Clockwork Orange style clamps holding my eyes open, before eating a whole block of cheese and then putting on repeat a CD of Vincent Price relentlessly repeating “Alligators are going to eat you” at full volume.

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People I Like no. 1: Scott Adkins

It’s time for a new feature here at I Only Watch 18s – People I Like.  Basically, I’ll pick someone that I like – actor, director, producer etc – and talk about how much I like them and the 18s that they’ve been in.  There’ll be some recognisable faces along the way, but hopefully, I’ll be able to introduce some of you to people that you’ll end up stalking and/or having sex with.
This week, the person that I like is Scott Adkins.  He’s a 34 year old legend from Sutton Coldfield, who is amazing at martial arts.  And when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING.  (more…)

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