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Classic 18: The Prowler (aka Rosemary’s Killer)

I love myself some slasher movies, I mean I really like them.  I’ll watch them relentlessly, I’ll watch them religiously and I’ll watch them erectifijizziously.  They’re all the same – I know that.  But I couldn’t give a wet slut for a flying fuck about it.  I enjoy them immensely.

Especially 80s ones.  They’re the best ones.

Which is why I was gosh darn bum pulsingly excited when they finally released The Prowler uncut in the U.K (albeit with the shitty alternative title – Rosemary’s Killer).  Along with My Bloody Valentine (which I have but am yet to watch – seen the fucking remake though and it’s WICKED), The Prowler is highly regarded as one of the best slashers made during the ’80s boom.  That’s not the boom my arse made during its first shit in the ’80s, it’s the boom of all the millions of cheap slashers that were made during the ’80s in the wake of the popularity of films like Friday the 13th.

So obviously I was pretty fucking pumped to see The Prowler – but was it as good as I had hoped?


It was quality of the highest crisps.


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Frightfest Preview (Day 1)

I’m quite excited about Frightfest (in case you hadn’t noticed), so I thought I’d run through the films on each day as a little taster of things in store.  Firstly, I’ll take a look at the Thursday:
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


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Machete (2010)

I’ve finally seen Machete – the film I’ve been wanting to see most this year.  When I first heard about it, I ripped a hole in my trousers, painted my dick green and ran through town making penis prints on the windows of any shops beginning with ‘M’ – that’s how excited I was.  And now I’ve seen it, but was it worth spending a night in prison?


Machete was amazing from start to finish, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face the entire way through.  As soon as it starts, Machete goes and decapitates three blokes at once – it was at this point I knew that I would like this film.  From there on in, it’s pretty much non-stop absurdity, as Machete beats people up, shoots people, uses their guts as rope, shags women, beats people up, shoots people, uses guts as rope, shags women, punches people, hits people with garden trimmers, uses guts as rope, shoots people, shags women, USES GUTS AS ROPE, kicks people, and uses some guts as a bit of rope. (more…)

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