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The I Only Watch 18s Mega Oscars Post

So it’s the Oscars soon and to be honest I COULDN’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK but some people that like films seem to care about them, so just for them I’m going to give my opinion on the nominations.  And as we all know, my opinion is the only one that counts.

Insert childish dildo joke here


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18 related anecdote no. 21

Tackling the Cinema

After I had informed you how best to deal with a trip to HMV, I realised that there are other arenas in which it is possible to show an appreciation of 18s.  The most obvious being, THE CINEMA.  If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve seen an 18 at the cinema, but it’s also possible that you might have seen a, err, ouch, erm…wait a minute, brb.


That’s better, what I was trying to say was you might have seen a 15 at the cinema.  I hope this isn’t true, but I’m wise to how this mad world works.  And besides, you won’t be doing silly things like that anymore will you?  WILL YOU?

And because you won’t, you’ll need to know exactly how to tackle going to see an 18 at the cinema.  If this is something you do not already know how to do, then read on: (more…)

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