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Frightfest Round Up: Day 2


I needed to step up my game.  I hadn’t got the proverbial leg over and I’d only watched one film and it was shit.  Today had better pull its finger out otherwise I was gonna kick off BIG TIME.


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Frightfest Preview (Day 2)

Rogue River

No, not a film about a river that can absorb other rivers’ powers just by touching them – it’s actually a film about a weird bloke that likes to watch people sleep.  I’m the opposite – I like to watch people while I sleep, it properly freaks them out.  Anyway, he doesn’t just watch people sleep, because judging by the trailer, he also likes to kill people.

This doesn’t look like anything too original, but it does look pretty good, and besides, it’s got Bill Moseley in it.  And he’s playing a weirdo.  He’s just about one of the best actors in the biz at playing a weirdo.

Apart from Nicole Kidman.

Excitement Rating: As excited as I would be waiting in a queue in the cinema for a film called Rogue River.


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