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Rolling Thunder (1977)

I’ve said this many times before – I LOVE REVENGE FILMS.  I’ve never seen a revenge film that I haven’t liked and I doubt I ever will.  Someone getting fucked over by some fucks then fucking over whichever fucks fucked them over, is fucking brilliant. It also helps that many, many revenge films are 18s – this is because it is against the law to nut about with a hatchet dashing people across the face with it just because they called you a prick that one time.  You know, they don’t want the kids copying that kind of shit.

So, to Rolling Thunder – it was an 18 and it was a revenge film so I knew I’d like it.  It was made in the ’70s, which is cutting it a bit close to the bone, but I didn’t mind.  What I mean by this is that everyone agrees that the ’70s was when films started getting good.  I can state with a steadfast and entirely valid reasoning, that pretty much any film made before the ’70s is an udder full of cocks and bollocks.  There are exceptions of course (Russ Meyer for example), but in the general majority of cases, movies made in the ’60s and before, can suck my stonking tonk bonk-on and fuck off.  But luckily, this was made in 1977 so it’s ok. (more…)

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