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Yakuza Weapon (2011)

So I know I didn’t really like Deadball, but I thought I’d try the other film with Tak Sakaguchi directed by the same bloke. Mainly because I got it for free and the trailer was better. Free stuff is always worth using, I mean the amount of posh wanks I had after getting the free bag of condoms post STI-test…

Anyway, Yakuza Weapon is about this bloke played by Sakaguchi who is the son of some mega Yakuza boss bloke, and he goes to try and take over the other gangster families or something (I think anyway – I don’t speak Japanese). Anyway, he’s fucking hard as fuck and he gets killed to fuck and back but he fucking comes back each fucking time because as I already fucking said, he’s hard as fuck.

But somehow, he still gets killed. So obviously, some scientists bring him back to life – technology is pretty advanced in Japan, you see. Only they don’t just bring him back to life, they bring him back to life with a huge chain-gun for an arm and a rocket-launcher in his knee. So now he’s even fucking harder than fuck than he fucking was before. Fuck. (more…)

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